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I created this website because I am a passionate volleyball player, but I had trouble finding enough places to play in my area. To help others in the same situation, I have compiled a list of all the leagues and open plays in Rockland and Bergen (and some other nearby areas). If you know of any leagues or open plays that are not listed here, please feel free to share them with us.

What Else?

What else can you find and do here?

Volleyball Related Stuff

We will share various things such as volleyball gear, photos, and videos. If you're interested, check out some thrilling and captivating videos to get yourself excited and motivated!

Talk & Breathe Volleyball

Feel free to use the discussion boards to post your comments, ask questions or share anything related to volleyball. Additionally, each league has a designated discussion board where members can engage in league-specific discussions.

Rate Skill Level

You have the option to participate in an anonymous rating system where your friends can rate your volleyball skills, helping you determine where you stand in comparison to the skill level required for the leagues you're interested in.

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To ensure that you have fun while playing volleyball, it's important to understand your own skill level as well as the level of play in the leagues or open play sessions that you're interested in. Playing at a level much higher or lower than your own can lead to frustration, and can even be dangerous. To help you identify your skill level, I have provided my own definitions for different skill levels. Please take a look at them and use them as a guide to assess your own abilities.

Finally, Have Fun!

Volleyball can be a competitive sport, but as adults, let's not take it too seriously and remember to have fun playing with other volleyball enthusiasts.   If you have any inquiries, recommendations, or encounter any problems with the website, feel free to contact me using the button provided below.