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I created this website because I love playing volleyball but I just couldn't find enough places to play around me. So I have compiled a list of all the leagues and open plays in Rockland and Bergen (and a few other nearby areas) to share with other avid volleyball players. Please do share any leagues or open plays that you are aware of that is not listed here.

What Else?

What else can you find and do here?

Volleyball Related Stuff

We will share things like volleyball gears, photos, and videos.
If you are interested, watch some cool and exciting videos, or be awed by some amazing pictures.

Talk & Breathe Volleyball

Use this board to ask any questions, post comments, or share anything related to volleyball.

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Rate Skill Level

You can opt-in to have your friends anonymously rate you to gauge where your skill level is against the level of play for interested leagues.

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In order to have fun, you must understand your skill level as well as the level of play for the leagues/open plays you are interested in. If there's a big gap in the level of play, then it will not be fun for you and it will ruin the fun for others too, but more importantly someone can get hurt. Please take a look at my take on the definition for different skill levels.

Finally, Have Fun!

At times, it can get very competitive playing volleyball but we are all adults here so don't get too serious and let's focus on having fun playing with other people who love to play volleyball just as much as you do.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or find any issues/problems on this website, please don't hesitate to drop me a line using the button below.