About Rockland Volleyball Net

I'm an avid volleyball player

and this is my story...

I'm a father of 3 children and I enjoy playing volleyball more than anything, but I just couldn't find places to play in Rockland, NY. In the summer of 2018, I was on a mission to find as many volleyball leagues and open plays in Rockland and Bergen counties so I can potentially play volleyball all year around.

I found myself googling every day in search for a league but many of the leagues that I found were for boys and girls in Middle and High School. I got so desperate that I even thought about purchasing outdoor volleyball net to host a Meetup. In the end, I did manage to find quite a few leagues and open plays, and I was able to play as often as 4 days a week during that summer.

I was surprised to find a bunch of leagues and open plays that I didn't realize existed, and was bummed that I didn't know about them until that summer. So this got me to think about creating this website so that other avid volleyball players like myself can know about all the leagues and open plays available in Rockland and Bergen areas.

A couple of the leagues I found were way too advance for my level and there were few leagues that were too easy and frustrating for me. This was another reason which motivated me to create this website to share the level of play for each league in order to help players find the leagues that match their skill level. I'm definitely not good enough and too old to play against High School and College students, and so this website is dedicated to adults 35 years and older.

So that's pretty much my story behind creating this website. Thanks for reading and I hope this website will be helpful to find something you are looking for and you can definitely contribute in sharing anything about volleyball and leagues in Rockland and Bergen areas.
Now, let's go play some volleyball!

Please note that I added some of my favorite volleyball gears in few pages with Amazon Affiliate link. If you decide to purchase through the affiliate link, I may get small commission at no cost to you, which will help me fund this website. Thank you for your support.

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