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F.A.Q & Website 10DLC SMS regulation for A2P and compliance

10DLC SMS regulation for A2P and compliance

Recently, I discovered the 10DLC SMS regulation for application-to-person (A2P) when my website stopped sending SMS text messages for new league notifications and phone verification during sign up.

It was a stressful and time-consuming process for me to try to fix it, but unfortunately, I was unable to get it fully functional. As a result, I can no longer send SMS text notifications for new league information to those who have opted-in. However, you can still receive email notifications by adding your email address to your account profile. The good news is that new users can still sign up using their phone and receive one-time passcode (OTP) text messages for verification, as well as use the Forgot Password feature to receive OTP text messages for resetting their password.

What is the 10DLC regulation and why it affected my website's SMS text messaging?

If you're curious about what the 10DLC regulation is, it's pretty straightforward. Phone carriers are attempting to avoid text message spam, similar to how we all have overflowing email inboxes. Many businesses began spamming their customers via SMS, so carriers now require organizations to register their brand/company and campaigns to send SMS messages from websites or applications.

Unfortunately, the process of registering and applying for a campaign is both complicated and somewhat expensive. I've already applied twice and been rejected, losing the application fee each time. It's not a significant amount of money, but it represents roughly three to five years' worth of SMS text messages, each of which costs less than a penny to send from the website. Beyond the cost, the application process takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

Initially, I was unable to send any SMS messages, including one-time passwords (OTPs) to verify phone numbers. However, I discovered a company that specializes in sending OTPs on my behalf, allowing me to send them via SMS to those who wish to register with their phone numbers rather than email addresses.

I still encourage users to provide both their email addresses and phone numbers as we plan to introduce a feature that allows you to connect with your volleyball friends more easily. Having both an email and phone number will make it easier to find and connect with your friends, and it works the same way for them. I want to emphasize that we will never share your email or phone number with anyone, nor will we send you any unsolicited emails.

In short, if you have signed up for new league session/season notifications, please make sure to add your email address to your account.
While I can no longer send SMS text messages regarding new league session/season, I can make automated voice phone calls, as voice calls are not part of 10DLC regulation. Would anyone interested in getting automated voice calls regarding new session for leagues that you have opted-in? or would you prefer to receive email notification instead?

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