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Montvale Adult Volleyball good old days...

good old days...

Chris Moran used to run this Montvale open gym for adults for years, until he moved to southern New Jersey a few years ago.

This used to be a highly competitive open gym with two nets available for play, and the cost was $75 for non-residents and $50 for residents. However, the cost has significantly increased to $260 for non-residents and $240 for residents. This is because the town was unable to find a volunteer this league, and therefore had to hire TGA to manage the league. Unfortunately, this has turned one of the least expensive leagues into one of the most expensive ones. Hopefully, they will be able to find a volunteer to bring down the cost, as in the past, everyone had helped out with setting up and taking down the nets.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge Chris Moran for his years of service running this league. Thank you, Chris, for your dedication and hard work. We hope you are still enjoying playing volleyball!
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